Household cleaning solutions:


coffee spill on carpetDrycleaning solution (DC)

Available at most hardware stores. Use caution and wear a mask when using these chemicals.


Dishwashing solution (DS)

Mix one teaspoon of mild detergent (containing no bleach) to one cup of warm water. One teaspoon of BIZ can be added to boost the strength of this solution.


Ammonia solution (AS)

Mix one tablespoon of household ammonia with half cup of water.


Vinegar solution (VS)

Mix 1/3 cup of white vinegar with a 2/3 cup of warm water.



Step 1

Remove as much of the spot as possible with a clean towel. Blot the spot frequently, avoid rubbing aggressively.


Step 2

Find the type of spot in the spot removal chart below. If the first solution does not fully remove the spot, move to the next solution in sequence. Contact the Garvin Group at 636-386-3200 if the spot is still present after using the spot removal chart.

SPOT (bold) >> Cleaner to Try First >> Cleaner to Try Second

Blood      DS >> AS

Catsup      DS >> AS

Chewing Gum      DC >> DS

Chocolate     DS >> AS >> VS

Coffee       DS

Cosmetics      DC >> DS

Crayon       DC >> DS

Egg      DS >> AS

Fruit Juices      DS >> AS >> VS

Furniture Polish      DC >> AS

Glue       DC

Grease DC >> DS >> AS

Ice Cream       DS >> AS >> VS

Ink       DC >> DS

Kool-Aid       DS >> VS

Milk       DS >> AS >> VS

Mustard       DS >> VS

Nail Polish       DC >> DS >> VS

Paint (oil based)      DC >> DS >> VS

Paint (Latex)      DS >> AS >> DC

Shoe Polish      DC >> DS >> AS

Soft Drinks       DS >> AS >> VS

Syrup       DS >> AS >> VS

Tar       DC >> DS

Tea       DS >> VS

Urine       DS >> AS >> VS

Vomit       DS >> AS >> VS

Wine       DS >> VS >> AS