Drapery and Blind Cleaning

The Garvin Group is an industry certified drapery and blind cleaning company serving both residential and commercial clients since 1994 with professional high quality cleaning services. We offer both on-site and in-plant drapery cleaning services.

On-site drapery dry cleaning offers consumers the opportunity to have their window treatments conveniently cleaned in their homes or offices while preserving privacy that is ordinarily relinquished when drapes are taken off-site to be cleaned in a plant. Additionally, the cleaning results between on-site and in-plant cleaning are identical in most cases. We often clean swags and valances on-site and clean drapes and sheers off-site with no difference in the appearance between the methods.

Virtually any type of window treatment can be cleaned on-site; however, the vast majority of items that are cleaned in homes are swag boards, valances, cornice boards, pleated shades, honeycomb shades, Luminettes, Silhouettes, Roman Shades, and Vignettes. These window treatments can be left in place at the window and conveniently cleaned.

In-plant cleaning is our second cleaning option. We offer pick-up/delivery service as well as expert rehanging services for a nominal charge. We have partnered with Sunshine Drapery and Interior Design to give consumers the option of saving up to 20% off our pick-up / delivery / rehanging service fee on orders over $160.00; if you drop off your draperies and sheers at either of Sunshine’s interior decorating showrooms in: Maryland Heights, Chesterfield or Sunset Hills. Many customers prefer dropping off their drapes at one of the Sunshine locations in order to avoid waiting to make an appointment to have us come out to remove their drapes.

Our in-plant services include cleaning, pressing, cleaning your rods, rehanging, and dressing out your drapes. If you are planning a home improvement project such as: painting, window cleaning, window replacement, flooring installation or sanding, our in-plant service is ideal for you. You and your contractor can avoid the headache of damaging your window treatments by letting us remove your drapes and returning them once your other projects are completed.

Shrinkage is the most common concern regarding drapery cleaning.  In-plant cleaning has a higher susceptibility to shrinkage. Additionally, the condition of the fabric due to age and exposure to elements (smoke, sunlight, or carbon filtration) can have an effect on cleaning success and/or shrinkage. We will advise the client in advance.

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