The Garvin Group’s highly experienced and industry-certified technicians can professionally clean your upholstered furniture. We can also clean furniture labeled “dry clean only.”


Upholstery cleaning can be challenging; therefore, we follow stringent cleaning procedures to ensure your furniture is thoroughly and safely cleaned.


Uphostery Cleaning


Our Furniture Cleaning Procedures

  1. Inspect furniture and qualify with the client the “clean ability” of the upholstery. Prior care and the age of the fabric can affect the results.
  2. Test the upholstery for fiber content, dye bleeding and migration.
  3. Prepare and protect the surrounding area with a drop cloth and move surrounding furniture.
  4. Pre-vacuum to remove the dry soil.
  5. Hand shampoo using a brush to agitate a concentrated solution into the upholstery. Soils are suspended away from the fabric during this process.
  6. Extract all soils loosened during the hand shampooing process, using a specialized hand tool designed to minimize problems associated with over wetting the upholstery. Grooming may be needed on fibers that stiffen and show hand tool patterns after cleaning.
  7. Post cleaning inspection with client to discuss results.
  8. Protect the upholstery using Scotchgard from future stains and spills. Deodorizers can also be added for an additional charge to help eliminate odors.
  9. Quickly dry the upholstery. Many cleaning problems, such as bleeding, shrinkage, and browning are related to slow drying.
  10. Restore order to the area where we performed our services.


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